Our advisors

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Sean Ellis

Author, CEO of GrowthHackers, and former CMO of Eventbrite, Dropbox, and LogMeIn

Growth Hacker Pioneer, co-author of “Hacking Growth”, coined the phrase “growth hacking”, an advisor and board member of many technology startups. Frequent speaker and event organizer.

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Jami Schwartz

Global Head of Marketing, Olympics Partnerships & Airbnb for Work

Marketing executive with 10+ years experience leading product marketing, paid growth, demand gen lifecycles, sales development, go-to- market, and event management. Speaker at events.

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John Egan

Head of Growth Engineering at Pinterest

Leads 100+ engineers to optimize growth with a focus on invites/ referrals, emails/notifications, SEO, paid acquisition/SEM, activation, B2B growth & more. Organized 100’s of meetups.

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Mike Cortez

Corporate Controller at Ring, an Amazon Company

Former Big 4 CPA with public and private companies, and with IPO and M&A experience. An expert at implementing a solid and scalable accounting foundation for startups.

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Patrick Vlaskovtis

Founder / Entrepreneur (Two exits) / Author (Two bestsellers)

I am an entrepreneur and bestselling author with a 20-year career that includes founder/co-founder roles at three companies and two successful exits.

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Mark Abraham

Senior Partner & Managing Director at BCG GAMMA

I joined BCG in 2003 and founded our Global Personalization business. I also lead BCG's Marketing & Sales Practice in North America, working with CEOs, CMOs and CxOs on their toughest business challenges.

Our company values

Efficient and Adaptable Mindset

We do not over-analyze problems but instead focus on getting the job done in a timely yet highest quality manner

We react quickly to constantly evolving customer needs while moving the product forward.

We postpone topics that aren’t necessary for the next step, to ensure out time and talents are used in the most efficient way possible

Innovative and Visionary Approach to Technology

We focus on staying ahead of evolving product requirements and the tasks that are needed to realize our vision.

We manage technical challenges with a conscious strategy that we are always learning and improving in every aspect of our professional lives.

We always pay attention to high quality code, testing and reliable operation.

Transparency and Trust

Our communication is clear and transparent. Together we are able to solve and overcome all problems and challenges that inevitably occur in any business environment.

We don’t take short cuts and instead focus on always providing the best quality product, process and service in every aspect of our business model.

Trust is earned and not given. To build a great company we must earn the trust of our customers one at a time. We must also earn the trust of each other through honesty, hard work, dependability and nutual respect.

Professional humility

There are no egos, no one superstar and no favorites. We as a team together achieve greatness that would not be possible as individuals working alone.

We don’t think in hierarchies, nobody is above any task.

Everyone’s ideas are considered and heard. We show respect for each other, regardless of experience, title or rank.